Program Activities

The graduate program in American Culture Studies invites students to participate in a lively range of academic and public events promoting discussion of, and new research about, issues of American history, economy, society, culture, personality, and politics. These include lectures and workshops offered by distinguished visiting scholars, public figures, and Washington University faculty as well as reading groups and academic conferences in American culture studies that involve graduate students in the wider academic community.

AMCS Graduate Certificate students attend monthly Americanists' Dinner Forum discussions during the academic year, designed to introduce them to faculty across many departments, to visiting speakers, and to research methods and issues of American culture studies as a profession. Two recent dinner forums featured discussions on "Conceptualizing Race, Culture and Politics in Cold-War-Era America" and "What can U.S. American Culture Studies Learn from Latin American Studies and Vice Versa?"

Students are eligible to participate in special academic programs such as the annual summer travel seminar, "On Location: Exploring America." The most recent On Location seminar explored the theme "The Landscape of Remembrance," which included site investigations of cultural memory in three U.S. cities.

AMCS Graduate Certificate students have the opportunity to plan and carry out a conference, professional-meeting panel, or other professional event that includes participation of scholars from other universities. This Professionalizing Experience project is undertaken in collaboration with other AMCS graduate students, and with advice and financial and production support from the AMCS Program.

Jennifer Gallinat

Administrative Coordinator, AMCS