Curriculum Features

The Ph.D. Certificate Program features and requires the AMCS 645 Graduate Core Course, offered every other fall (in 2013, "Conceptualizing American Empire"); two Multi-Disciplinary (MD) courses, which foreground explicit conversation between field-specific discourses and are often team-taught; and two Extra-Disciplinary (ED) courses, which are methodologically substantive courses outside the student's home department.

The Ph.D. Certificate Program also gives students the opportunity to participate in Professionalization Projects, which are AMCS-mentored and funded projects in which students interact with scholars in their fields outside Washington University (an on-campus symposium in which outside scholars participate; proposing and participating on a panel at the annual meeting of a major scholarly professional association; founding an American Studies Association caucus--to give a by no means exclusive list of examples), as well as AMCS T.A.-ships and AMCS Teaching (where appropriate and with the approval of the AMCS Director of Graduate Studies, the dissertation advisor, the home department Director of Graduate Studies, and, in the case of the AmCS T.A.-ship, the course instructor).

Finally, Ph.D. Certificate Students are expected to regularly attend and participate in the monthly Americanist Dinner Forum, a flagship AMCS event which stages cross-disciplinary conversations among Americanist faculty to probe productive nodes of shared concern.

Jennifer Gallinat

Administrative Coordinator, AMCS