Curriculum Features

The program offers a major and a minor, coordinating offerings across the disciplines so that students can explore an array of ideas and approaches as they complete their course work. Pairing the major with a second major in a complementary discipline is also an enriching model of cultural study. The program offers attentive advising, helping students to have a cohesive experience and to pursue their specific interests within a diverse curriculum.

Major curriculum features include Concentration Areas, Fieldwork, the Capstone, among other important requirements designed to enrich cultural study. Concentration Areas are designed to be flexible and to encompass a range of fields while providing meaningful focus for study across several disciplines. Further, majors will also complete the Fieldwork and Capstone projects. Fieldwork is an immersive experience that allows a student to explore a cultural issue or topic in a "real world" context while developing vital research and analytical skills. The Capstone is a multidisciplinary project on a cultural topic of the student's choice that will serve as a culmination of their work in the program and an occasion to extend and deepen student's cultural knowledge through the execution of an individual research project.

Máire Murphy

Academic Coordinator, AMCS