September 2015

Director's Letter

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the long-anticipated launch of amcs.wustl, our new site for cross-disciplinary exchange and collaboration. Developed to support the many needs of the growing AMCS community, it is intended to house richly varied program content, including profiles of faculty research and teaching, podcasts, events and program archives, course-related digital resources (including projects by our undergraduate students and our Master’s Program candidates), and on-line exhibit curation and other content associated with Faculty Program Initiatives.

An especially noteworthy feature of amcs.wustl is its rich interface: the heightened integration of various forms of information, of textual and audio visual data, that encourages just the sort of cross-disciplinary connection and unscripted bridging the program seeks to cultivate more broadly. Above all, the site is intended to foster interactive learning and experimentation. We will build it out with your contributions!

amcs.wustl is the product of many hands. Over the course of a year, our fantastic digital team has designed the remarkable interface you see before you, and our key partner, Washington University Libraries, has helped us develop the site as a sustainable and flexible resource – one we envision as a living archive of projects past, present and future. We look forward to more of this fruitful collaboration!

In the meantime, we offer our deepest thanks to all the contributors listed below, and to many others who have shared with us their digital project ideas and ingenuity over the past fifteen- plus years. amcs.wustl reflects their thinking as well as our own, and will – we trust – provide occasion for us to continue to learn from one another in years to come!

Please share your ideas with us! We welcome project proposals and suggestions for new features, and will be seeking your contributions in specific areas as the year unfolds. In the meantime, especially in the next two weeks, we will continue to add content that includes your past contributions, including interviews, event video files, updated profiles, and projects from the archives.

Sincerely yours,
Heidi Kolk, Associate Director of AMCS (Acting Director, FL15)
Iver Bernstein, Director of AMCS
Dave Walsh, AMCS Instructional Technology Developer

Digital Projects Team: Amanda Ng, Kierstan Carter, Kenzie Chin, Kathleen Yang, and Arham Khan

We're grateful to Arts & Sciences Computing for years of technical and logistical support of our digital projects, and for assisting in a smooth transition to Olin's Technical Services; to Arts & Sciences Communications for guidance and encouragement in design and development; to the many students and staff who have made significant contributions to the development of this domain: our current admin team, Terri Behr, Máire Murphy and Jennifer Gallinat; former students and staff including Courtney Gray, Cord Luehrman, Morgan Brown, Kelsey Johnston, Katie Sadow, Brian Hamman, Joe Kolk, Sarah Smith-Frigerio, and Deb Jaegers. Particular thanks to Wayne Fields, founding director of AMCS, for creating the landscape amcs.wustl is built upon.

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