Postdoctoral Fellowship Application Process

The Program in American Culture Studies at Washington University (AMCS) invites applications for our Postdoctoral Fellowship in Digital Cultures, renewable annually for up to two years contingent upon satisfactory performance; expected start date is July 1, 2018. AMCS is an endowed program in Arts & Sciences that fosters cross-disciplinary intellectual exchange and transformative scholarship at the intersections of the humanities and social sciences. It offers an undergraduate major, a Ph.D. certificate program, a Master's program, and a wide array of collaborative research and teaching activities, seeking to build community among students of American culture from many fields.

This postdoctoral fellowship supports the Fellow's intellectual development through productive academic exchange and collaboration. In addition to teaching two foundational courses in the program per year, the Fellow will advise and mentor undergraduate majors and actively contribute to the intellectual life of AMCS (accordingly, the Fellow is expected to be in residence during the fellowship period apart from research-related travel). The program stages many events in which the Fellow may participate, including workshops, lectures, book discussions and events associated with Faculty Program Initiatives, and a monthly Americanist Dinner Forum. It also hosts amcs.wustl, a site of cross-disciplinary exchange that features podcasts, archives, digital exhibits, etc.

We are particularly interested in applicants, academics and/or practitioners, whose research, teaching, and practice (1) have a strong theoretical awareness, but at the same time deeply engage ethnographic, material, and/or historical particulars; (2) center on an historically-informed study of digital cultures, broadly defined, especially as they pertain to media as a site of cultural production; (3) engage the digital transformation of media and the public sphere, as it pertains to the history of political economy and power, and matters of identity, membership, and exclusion. We prefer applicants who engage digital cultures as a subject of study, and not only as a research or presentation methodology.

We anticipate opportunities for involvement in established faculty program initiatives: applicants may see connections to their practice, research and teaching in current initiatives on "The Material World of Modern Segregation"; "Visual and Material Cultures"; and "Sports and Society: Culture, Power, and Identity." In addition, AMCS has relationships with the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts; Washington University Libraries (including the Film and Media Archive and the Douglas B. Dowd Modern Graphic History Library); and other institutional and community partners. Please consult for more information about the program and its many opportunities.

The AMCS Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Cultures will receive a salary of $55,000 per year, plus benefits and a $3,000 annual research/travel stipend, which may be supplemented in cases of demonstrated need. To be considered, candidates must have received the Ph.D. since July 1, 2014, or be scheduled to defend the dissertation before July 1, 2018. Applicants should submit a cover letter, CV, three letters of recommendation, a writing sample (no more than 25 pages), a copy of their graduate school transcript, and a statement of research and teaching interests that references the kinds of courses they might teach which would be suited to the program's undergraduate curriculum, which includes a concentration in Visual, Material, and Digital Cultures. That statement should specify how the applicant could serve as an effective mentor to student projects that engage digital media as both a subject of analysis and as a methodology/mode of presentation. It should also include a description of a course based in American Culture Studies on the history of digital media and media cultures.

How to Apply:

All applicants to Washington University in St. Louis must go through our online application portal. Please go to and select "Search Jobs."

In the Keyword field, Enter Job ID #38406. Complete the online form and upload all your supporting materials (all materials must be submitted as a .pdf file -- please see Questions 2 and 3 below for specific instructions).

All Applications and supporting materials (including letters of recommendation) must be submitted/received by 11:59 PM Central Time on Monday, January 1, 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Because we expect to receive a large volume of applications, please read through the following F.A.Q. before contacting us.

1) What is the deadline for application submission?

All application materials must be submitted online through by 11:59 PM Central Time on Monday, January 1, 2018. Additional materials unable to be uploaded with the application, such as an external letters of recommendation, must also be received by this time.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

2) What application materials are required in order to have my application be considered complete?

A completed application consists of the online application form and six (6) required supporting documents that must be uploaded in a .pdf format. These materials are as follows:

1. Cover Letter
2. CV
3. A Statement of Research and Teaching interests that references the kinds of courses you might teach that would be suited to our undergraduate curriculum (see job posting description above)
4. A copy of your Graduate School (Ph.D. granting) transcript
5. Writing Sample (25 pages or less)
6. Three (3) Letters of Recommendation

For items not available to upload online (e.g., letters of recommendation), please see Question 5.

Please see Question 3 for details on how to upload these materials and the proper naming schema.

3) Help! The system won't let me upload my materials with my online application form!

Our online HR system is not the most user-friendly and for this we do apologize. You will need to Save for Later your initial application, then EXIT the WasU jobs site before logging back in using your established username and password. Once you've logged back in, click on pending application in the "My Activities" box, where an "Add Attachment" button will be visible on the bottom of the next page. Click on this and upload your materials.

All materials must be uploaded as .pdf files.

Please use the following naming schematic for your application materials: "last name_first name_AMCS document name." For example: Doe_Jane_AMCS Cover Letter.pdf. or Doe_Jane_AMCS Writing Sample.pdf.

Applicants who wish to submit one .pdf file with all their materials combined together (this is NOT required), please make sure to do this in the order listed above in Question 2. The Search Committee is very particular about the order and merged files submitted out of order will need to be separated and re-merged. For those merging all materials into one .pdf file, please use the naming schema of "last name_first name_AMCS Complete Postdoc Application."

Letters of recommendation (only if all three are present) may be merged into one additional .pdf and uploaded using the naming schema "last name_first name_AMCS All Postdoc Rec Letters."

For materials that cannot be combined at this time (i.e., letters of recommendation), please see Question 5 below.

Please do not upload any other materials than those requested. They will not be reviewed and will be pulled from your application to ensure consistency across all applicants.

4) Do I need to submit a certified copy of my transcript, or can I just submit a copy as part of my application?

At this stage in the application, we only need to see your coursework and final grades. A clean and legible copy or scan is all that is required to fulfill this application requirement.

A certified copy may be requested as part the final stages of hiring.

5) Can I submit supporting documents via email?

The online application portal will allow you to upload all supporting materials (.pdf format only) and will allow you to see your completed application before submitting.

We ask that applicants upload as many supporting materials as possible during the online application process. Given the volume of applicants, submission in one place lessens the chance for elements of the application to get lost. The Selection Committee will only review complete applications.

Items such as letters of recommendation and transcripts that cannot be uploaded online can be sent via email or postal/courier service. Please direct your recommendation letter writers to either email or mail these materials as follows:

Via email:Send documents to with the Subject line "Attn: Postdoctoral Search Committee"

Via USPS or Courier services:
Mailing/Physical Address:Postdoctoral Search Committee
American Culture Studies
Washington University in St. Louis
McMillan Hall Rm. 140
1 Brookings Drive, CB 1126
St. Louis, MO 63130

All materials must be received by or before 11:59 PM, Monday, January 1, 2018.

6) What is the latest date by which I should have conferred my Ph.D. in order to be eligible for this postdoctoral fellowship?

Candidates must have received their Ph.D. since July 1, 2014 or be scheduled to defend before July 1, 2018.

7) Who can I contact to make sure all of my application materials are received?

You should receive a confirmation email/status automatically through the online jobs portal once you've submitted your application. You will also be able to log-in to this portal and check the status of your application at any time. To do this, log back in using your established username and password. In the "My Activities" box on the right side, you should be able to see the number of applications you've applied to, and the number of attachments submitted. Clicking on the hyper-link for the attachments will take you to an overview page which shows all the attachments you've successfully uploaded to your profile.

Should you have any issues or concerns about your application process or experience, you may contact our Administrative Coordinator, Jennifer Gallinat, via email or phone ( / 314-935-5569) or our main line at 314-935-5216.

Given the anticipated volume of applicants, we appreciate your patience if our response time takes a couple days.

8) Should I submit additional documents such as course syllabi, course evaluations and proposed courses along with my other application materials?

No. The committee will request these items at a later date if they wish to see them. Please do not submit any additional information or materials in your initial application as they will not be reviewed.

9) When do you expect to begin the interview process? By when do you anticipate having the final selection made?

We plan on contacting the semi-finalist applicants in early-to-mid February to arrange interviews (conducted via Skype or phone). The final candidates will have the opportunity to visit the campus in late-February or early March. Our final selection will be made by early April 2018.

10) Is this position benefits-eligible?

Yes. Please go to further information on benefits offered to Postdoctoral Fellows through Washington University in St. Louis.

11) What is the teaching course load for this fellowship?

The Postdoctoral fellow will teach two foundational courses in our undergraduate program each academic year, as well as advise and mentor undergraduates majors and actively contribute to the intellectual life of AMCS. Specific teaching and advising assignments will be made in consultation with program directors and will be based on AMCS's needs as well as the fellows' teaching expertise.

12) Will I have opportunities to travel to conferences and to conduct research outside of the Washington University community?

Yes. Our Postdoctoral Fellows are encouraged to attend conferences critical to their particular research interests. The annual travel/research stipend of $3,000 is offered for this particular purpose.

Contact Information

Please direct all inquiries to Jennifer Gallinat at or by phone at 314-935-5569.

Jennifer Gallinat

Administrative Coordinator, American Culture Studies