Dave Walsh

Instructional Technology Developer

Lecturer in Technology and Culture

Home Department: American Culture Studies

My work in American Culture Studies mirrors the curricular and research ambitions of the program: deeply inter- and multi-disciplinary, and focused on innovating coherent fusions of technology and pedagogy that offer richer and more complexly layered educational experiences. Part of my efforts focus on programming and developing a variety of digital tools in service of our curricular vision. Additionally, I teach courses in the study of technology built from multiple disciplinary perspectives, including history, philosophy, STS, and visual and material culture studies. My research focuses on the development of the American technological imagination(s) and the interplay between technology and cultural response as acts of translation: how expressions of technology are often fraught with misunderstandings and anxieties steeped in tension from broader social issues of race, gender, class, and political power. Forthcoming writing projects include trade craftsmanship in the age of software-driven digital culture and a cultural-technological history of the automaton, from court curiosity to 20th century robot. Other work includes digital privacy advocacy and developing educational modules to raise awareness—and confident habits—related to internet security, privacy, and user practice.

Dave Walsh

Email: dgwalsh@wustl.edu

Phone: (314) 935-3643

Office: McMillan 361