Jasmine Mahmoud

Postdoctoral Fellow in Inequality and Identity

Home Department: American Culture Studies

B.A. in Government, Harvard University

M.A. in Arts Politics, the Department of Art and Public Policy at New York University

PhD., Department of Performance Studies at Northwestern University in June

Jasmine Mahmoud’s work examines how aesthetic and geographic experiences entangle, with attention to how race, policy, and processes of urban displacement interact with contemporary performance practices such as experimental theater, dance, social practice work, performance art, and music. Her research and teaching interests also include black aesthetics, acts of citizenship, and urban ethnography. She completed her PhD in Performance Studies at Northwestern University in 2016. Her dissertation “Avant-Garde Frontiers in the Austere City: Political Economies of Artistic Placemaking in the Post-Millennial United States” investigated the trend of early 21st century experimental theater practices taking place in urban margins in New York, Chicago, and Seattle, three arts-rich cities.

Jasmine Mahmoud

Email: jmahmoud@wustl.edu

Office: McMillan 356