AMCS Spring Research Colloquium

DUC 234, 12:00pm-5:00pm



We are excited to present fourteen AMCS Majors who will share their capstone / thesis research with the community. These students are pursing important questions in the field of American cultural study, employing a wide array of humanities and social science approaches. Our students’ interests are particularly relevant, their research covering topics such as contemporary campaign rhetoric, federal education policies, and the accessibility of mental health services for the Latinx population. The presenters are listed below, and the presentation titles will be posted soon.

We will also announce the winner of the 2017 AMCS Lynne Cooper Harvey Undergraduate Writing Prize, which recognizes outstanding work on a topic in American culture studies.

Refreshments will be available at 11:45 AM.

Friends and family are welcome! 

2017 AMCS Research Colloquium Program 

12:10PM: Jordan Victorian

The (Im)Possibilities of Non-Monogamy: Quare Revisions and Poly-Capacity Building 

12:30PM: Candace Borders

“You knew you were equal”: Black Women Constructing Place in Pruitt-Igoe  

12:50PM: Billie Mandelbaum

Dreams Deferred: The Life and Death of Kinloch, Missouri 

1:10PM: Yash Bhatia

The Mainstream and the Alternative: Understanding how the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the St. Louis Argus Characterized the 1917 East St. Louis Race Riots                     

1:30PM: Will Krueger

Before Forty Acres: Reparations for Slavery in the Revolutionary Era 

1:50PM: Natalie Kirchhoff

Making the Myth: The Racialized Legacy of Voter Fraud in St. Louis, Missouri 

2:10PM: Itzel Lopez-Hinojosa

Dos Mundos y un Desafío: The Latinx Mental Health Experience in the Home and at Washington University in St. Louis 

2:30PM: Abby Gordan

Getting Out: Women in Transition 

2:50PM: Nina Stoller

Washington University’s Situational Identity Crisis: Incentives for Economic Diversity Initiatives in Elite Higher Education 

3:10PM: Katina Garcia-Hermida

The Puerto Rico Flexibility Plan Following No Child Left Behind and Its Effects on School Principals in Priority Schools in the San Juan Region 

3:30PM: Lauren Chase

Beyond Wanderlust: Radical Living, Consumer Culture, and the Journey 

3:50PM: Natalie Martinez

While You Were Tweeting: A History of Sharknado’s Love Affair with Media, American Politics, and Popular Culture 

4:10PM: Jacob Metz

Go Big or Go Home: Unpacking the Hierarchical Political Rhetoric of Donald Trump 

4:30PM: Reuben Forman

Complicating “Revitalization:" Understanding How Urban LGBT Communities Impact Metropolitan Neighborhoods

Máire Murphy

Academic Coordinator