The American Intimacies Program Iniative Presents: Disability and Intimacy Roundtable

Mel Chen and Robert McRuer with Julie Elman as respondent

DUC 276, 1:30pm-3:00pm



This roundtable will explore how disability transforms our thinking about intimate relationships. Disability in public often produces “inappropriate” intimacies, including uninvited questions and stares. Disability in private can heighten the vulnerability of intimate practices, while also expanding the meanings of sexuality, kinship, and carework. Psychosocial disorders and environmental illnesses raise new questions about emotional and physical proximity. Panelists will consider how these embodied encounters might trouble the meaning and practice of intimacy.

Featuring Robert McRuer (George Washington University) and Mel Chen (UC Berkeley) with Julie Elman (University of Missouri) as respondent.

Mel Chen

Robert McRuer

Julie Elman, as respondent

Co-Sponsored by Center for the Humanities, Office of the Provost, and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Terri Behr

Events & Accounting Assistant