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Reckonings: Ferguson and the Politics of Site Definition

The American Culture Studies Program at Washington University (AMCS) has launched a three-to-five year faculty program initiative on Modern Segregation designed to provide opportunities for collaborative engagement for faculty and students. What are the structures that define Modern Segregation and how are they maintained in the so-called "post-race" era? These questions, already pressing, have taken on an intense urgency in the context of the Ferguson, Missouri crisis and struggles.

Can We Preserve the QuikTrip?

For nine days after Michael Brown's death, the Ferguson QuikTrip on West Florissant Avenue served as an unlikely public square -- what one graffiti tag declared the "QT People's Park" ("Liberated 8-10-14"). "It's all we have," an early protest organizer declared. Yet its brief political life has ended, and it may now disappear from public memory altogether.

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