Pursuing Multiple Degrees, Rooted in AMCS

Taylor Ohman

September 26th, 2018

My name is Taylor Ohman and I am a member of Washington University in St. Louis’ Class of 2017. Throughout my undergraduate career I pursued two majors, American Culture Studies and Film and Media, and one minor, Communication Design. Together, these areas of study have helped me prepare for a career in marketing, which I have known to be my professional passion since my first internship at the age of 15.

My academic career did not look like the average student, as I had the opportunity to partake in Olin Business Schools’ 3+2 program. This program allowed me to finish my bachelor’s degree in three years and spend the next two years finishing my Masters in Business Administration (MBA). I am thus preparing to walk across the stage and collect my degree for the 2nd time as part of the Olin MBA Class of 2018.

My undergraduate career in American culture studies has given me a truly unique vantage point to bring to both my graduate-level classes, as well as my future career in brand management at Nestlé Purina. Through my two concentration areas, digital, material, and visual culture and popular culture, I explored the historical, present, and potentially future impact that media has on our everyday lives. This has given me an appreciation for the responsibility I hold as a creator of media, as well as deeper insight into what makes media truly impactful.

I have also been able to apply these learnings through my summer internships, at businesses like the Walt Disney Company and Yelp Inc. and see first-hand how this unique understanding of digital, material, visual, and popular culture makes me more effective in my marketing roles. I am extremely proud to call myself an American cultures studies major and am grateful for the way AMCS has shaped my personal and professional growth over the last five years.

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