The Ph.D. Graduate Certificate in AMCS

The Ph.D. Graduate Certificate in American Culture Studies allows the doctoral student to develop multidisciplinary expertise beyond their home department. It also encourages the student to bring that added competence to bear in original, multidisciplinary dissertation research that satisfies the demands of the principal specialty while also charting creative new paths in broad-based scholarship.

In order to encourage this kind of scholarship, AMCS provides a community of graduate students and faculty who share interests in American topics and trade knowledge, methods, and ideas across departmental bounds. The links among graduate students across campus, as well as their access to faculty from a variety of disciplines, help to expand the scope of intellectual interaction and to avert the temptation to dwell exclusively in narrow corners of scholarly proficiency. This kind of community-building promotes the give-and-take of ideas that makes graduate study most stimulating.

Students who satisfy certificate requirements will receive the Ph.D. Graduate Certificate in American Culture Studies along with the award of the Ph.D. This is one of several interdisciplinary certificates offered by the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, intended as credentials of special competency. The certificate helps its holders build academic careers, including interdisciplinary teaching and distinctive research profiles.

key contacts

Lerone Martin

Director of Graduate Studies

Associate Professor, John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics

Jennifer Gallinat

Administrative Coordinator