About The AMCS Media Archive

As part and parcel to American Culture Studies’ continued efforts to bring the vibrancy of our community to the web, the Media Archive will include a growing body of audio and visual material. Culled from interviews with visiting scholars, recordings of AMCS events hosted throughout the semester, and features from program initiatives, the Media Archive rounds out amcs.wustl’s digital presence. Our aim is to offer site visitors a way to hear and see community inquire about and debate issues critical to American Life. As the year progresses, we will continue to add mastered recordings so please check back regularly for new content. Of course, audio and visual recordings cannot fully substitute attending one of our events our hope is that you find the material presented here interesting and engaging. We hope it sparks questions and that you want to learn more.

Over the next few months, the Digital Team will continue to build amcs.wustl. Please feel free to reach out and recommend new events and features you would like to see included on amcs.wustl. Email us at amcs@wustl.edu.

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