AMCS Capstone Workshop I


This workshop is required for AMCS majors completing an independent capstone project, whether by means of a 3-credit capstone project, a Latin Honors (6-credit) thesis, or a two-semester (6-credit) non-honors project. In all three cases, the capstone project is intended to serve as the culmination of the major--an opportunity to build on previous work and to engage with the broader field of American Culture Studies while developing a multidisciplinary framework suited to the goals of the project. The workshop is intended to foster intellectual community and provide support during the research and writing process. Students share aspects of their work in large- and small-group settings; discuss methods, models, and challenges of cultural studies; participate in several peer-review workshops; and develop insights and skills directly relevant to their capstone work. Barring circumstances which prevent it, the 3-credit capstone should be completed by the end of the fall semester. Students pursuing a 6-credit project will continue their work into the following semester by enrolling in L98 400B. Enrollment by permission of Program pending approval of project proposal, which will be submitted in the Spring of Junior Year. Students seeking to earn Latin Honors in AMCS must meet the University cumulative GPA minimum (3.65) and have permission of their thesis advisor.
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AMCS Capstone Workshop I
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