AMCS Capstone Workshop II


This course is required for students planning to complete the Latin Honors thesis or a 6-credit non-honors project through American Culture Studies. It builds on work done in L98 400A: AMCS Capstone Workshop I, and involves periodic workshops and conferences with the instructor and project advisor(s) during the final stages of thesis preparation. Alternatively, students seeking to earn an additional 1-2 credits for their one-semester capstone will enroll in this course after their petition to expand their capstone has been approved and expectations have been defined in consultation with the capstone advisor and workshop instructor. Prereq: Satisfactory standing as a candidate for a two-semester capstone, including successful completion of L98 400A: Capstone Workshop I and permission of project advisor. Latin Honors eligible students must meet the University GPA minimum. Credit variable, max. 3 units. Course will meet every other week, time/date to be determined based on participants' schedules.
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AMCS Capstone Workshop II
INSTRUCTOR: Cohan, Skinner
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