AMCS Portfolio Workshop: Connections and Explorations


Where have your studies in American Culture taken you? In this one-credit workshop AMCS Majors work with mentors and peers to reflect on their journey through the major, prepare for the public presentation of their capstone research in early April, and prepare for life after college. The course gives AMCS Majors space and time to think more deeply about what they have achieved academically and where their intellectual and personal priorities intersect. We hope it helps AMCS students to discover connections among what they have done and learned in the program and clarifies post-college goals and pursuits. Some of the workshop activities are required for the major (e.g., the capstone presentation). The course provides structure, support, and academic credit for doing them. The workshop is a response to students' feedback: Graduating seniors tell us they would have liked more structured time to reflect on their work in the major; they would have liked to document their progress and growth in the program more fully; and they wanted more opportunities to strengthen their class cohort. The Senior Workshop will foster all of these things, while centering students' attention on the connections among their academic, personal, and career interests.
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AMCS Portfolio Workshop: Connections and Explorations
INSTRUCTOR: Cohan, Skinner
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