AMCS Spring Research Colloquium

Please join us for our annual AMCS Spring Research Colloquium! We are excited to present AMCS Majors who will share their culminating research with the community. AMCS Majors complete their capstone projects under the direction of a project advisor or in the context of an approved, upper-level seminar. 

In addition to presentations we will announce the winner of the AMCS Lynne Cooper Harvey Undergraduate Writing Prize, which recognizes outstanding work on a topic in American culture studies.


9:00   Paige McGinley, Noah Cohan - Introductions  

9:15   Emille Taylor - Philosophies of Education 

9:35   Margaux Thigpen - The Never Ending Play: the Genocide of Native Americans in Cowboy and Indian Toys

9:55  Sophie Burns - Rhymes With Witch Trial: Trying Gender in the Court of Public Opinion as Seen Through Depp v. Heard

10:15  Olivia Sterenfeld - Portraying the Plain: Depictions of the Amish in Popular Culture Circa the Year 2000

10:35  BREAK         

10:50  James Landman - Neighborhoods and Social Inequality

11:10  Jon Oshinsky - The AIDS Epidemic: Inequalities, Ethnography, and Ethics course

11:30  Natalie Linares - Paradise Lost: Political Identity in the Miami Cuban Community

11:50  Adler Bowman - Immaterial World: Hyperpop's Disruption of Genre and Gender

12:10  LUNCH         

12:50  Emma Stout - The AIDS Epidemic: Inequalities, Ethnography, and Ethics course

1:10   Student Presentation 

1:30   Brianna Chandler - The Politics of Urban Education

1:50   Natan Johnson-Potter - Intersectional Analysis of Briana Scurry

2:10   Carolina Alisio - The Political Economy of Urban Education

2:30   BREAK         

2:50   Aaliyah Allen - Genre Trouble: Doja Cat's Construction of a Rebellious Black Femininity

3:10   Ollie Chessen - Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game: The Labor Politics of Player Empowerment in the NBA

3:30   Aliya Hollub - Topics in American Literature: Food and Literature course

3:50   Lexie Jordon - “Protests Will Succeed with Persistence”: Student Activism for Curricular Change at Washington University in St. Louis, 1968-1990