Emile Taylor giving an AMCS Spring Colloquium presentation

AMCS Spring Research Colloquium

Please join us for our annual AMCS Spring Research Colloquium!

We are excited to present AMCS Majors who will share their culminating research with the community.

AMCS Majors complete their capstone projects under the direction of a project advisor or in the context of an approved, upper-level seminar. 

March 29th in DUC-234

12:00pm - Opening remarks from AMCS Director Paige McGinley

12:15pm - Capstone Seminar by Nidhi Krisnan

12:35pm - Capstone Seminar by Hannah Freiberg

12:55pm - Communicating Compounding Inequality: Breaking the Cycle of Privileged Willful Ignorance by Aki Eisenman-Shoda

1:15pm - Pop! Into My Mind: Selfhood and Stability Through Funko Pop! Figurines by Maxwell Juhas

1:35pm - A Natural Worry: Responsibility for Reproductive Choice in the Face of Environmental Crisis By Hannah Hummel 

2:10pm - Relinquishing Control: The Case for Community by Caroline Kopsky

2:30pm - Capstone Seminar by Bela Marcus

2:50pm - From Emulating to Emulated: Addison Rae and Perfecting the People’s Pop Star by Grace Brady