Alex Mouw

Americanist Dinner Forum "Doc Du Jour" with Alex Mouw

"Document Du Jour" Dinner Forum is an opportunity for an AMCS graduate student to present an intriguing or puzzling document or artifact from their dissertation research - one that will be of wide interest to Americanists across disciplinary lines - and to puzzle through it with colleagues.

This month's presenter is Alex Mouw.

Alex Mouw studies twentieth- and twenty-first century American literature and culture. His dissertation project, Poets against History: American Lyric and Historiography after 1945, investigates poets from the mid-twentieth century and after who aimed their poetic practice against the writing of history. His academic work appears in Twentieth-Century LiteratureLiterature and Theology, and elsewhere. His poems appear in The Southern Review, The Massachusetts Review, and other journals.

Prior to the event we will circulate the document along with a brief cover note from the presenter stating the questions he is posing, the rationale for posing them, and the relevant interpretive contexts.

Dinner will be provided. Please RSVP by Wednesday, March 29th.