Americanist Dinner Forum "Doc du Jour" with Annika Nilsson

"Document Du Jour" Dinner Forum is an opportunity for an AMCS graduate student to present an intriguing or puzzling document or artifact from his or her dissertation research - one that will be of wide interest to Americanists across disciplinary lines - and to puzzle through it with colleagues. We'll circulate the document along with a brief cover note from the presenter stating the questions s/he is posing, the rationale for posing them, and the relevant interpretive contexts.

This month's presenter is Annika Nilsson.

The Americanist Dinner Fora are the flagship intellectual event for the AMCS community. Each month features a new set of speakers exploring a topic relevant to American Studies through the medium of a selected reading. The reading will be circulated the week prior. AMCS PhD Certificate students are expected to attend each of the fora, and AMCS MA students and AMCS Faculty are strongly encouraged to attend.