Sports & Society Reading Group: Collegiate Athletic Labor with Roger Noll and Victoria Jackson

The Sports & Society reading group is pleased to welcome esteemed sports scholars Roger Noll and Victoria Jackson for a discussion of collegiate athletic labor, amateurism, “Name, Image, & Likeness” (NIL) rights, and the future of the NCAA.

Roger G. Noll is professor emeritus of economics at Stanford University.  Noll also is a Senior Fellow and member of the Advisory Board at the American Antitrust Institute.  Noll received a B.S. with honors in mathematics from the California Institute of Technology and a Ph. D. in economics from Harvard University.  Prior to joining Stanford, Noll was a Senior Economist at the President's Council of Economic Advisers, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, and Institute Professor of Social Science and Chair of the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences at the California Institute of Technology.

Noll is the author or co-author of seventeen books and over three hundred articles and reviews.  His primary research interests include technology policy; antitrust, regulation and privatization policies in both advanced and developing economies; the political economy of public law (administrative law, judicial processes, and statutory interpretation); and the economics of sports and entertainment.  Among Noll’s published books are Economic Aspects of Television Regulation (1973), Government and the Sports Business (1974), The Technology Pork Barrel (1991), Constitutional Reform in California (1995), Sports, Jobs and Taxes (1997), Challenges to Research Universities (1998), and Economic Reform in India (2013).

Noll has been a member of the advisory boards of the U.S. Department of Energy, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and National Science Foundation.  He also has been a member of the Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and the Board on Science, Technology and Economic Policy of the National Research Council, and of the California Council on Science and Technology.

Noll has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship, the annual book award of the National Association of Educational Broadcasters, the Rhodes Prize for undergraduate education at Stanford, the Distinguished Service Award of the Public Utilities Research Center, the Alfred E. Kahn Distinguished Career Award from the American Antitrust Institute, the Distinguished Member Award from the Transportation and Public Utilities Group of the American Economic Association, Economist of the Year from Global Competition Review, and the American Antitrust Institute award for Distinguished Achievement by an Economist in Antitrust Litigation.

Victoria Jackson is a sports historian and clinical assistant professor of history at Arizona State University. She writes about the intersection of sport and society, exploring how the games we play (and watch) tell us much about the communities – local, national, and global – in which we live. Jackson has appeared on 60 Minutes to discuss American college sports, and her writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Slate, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Letras Libres (Mexico), Época (Brazil), The Independent (UK), and The Athletic, where she is now a regular contributor to the culture vertical. She is a former NCAA champion and retired professional track and field athlete.


If you're interested in joining us, e-mail co-organizer Noah Cohan for Zoom link and copies of the reading material.