Latino/a Experiences in the United States


This multidisciplinary freshman seminar introduces Annika Rodriguez Scholars to the field of Latino/a Studies in order to better understand the place of Latinos in U.S. politics, history, and culture. Students are asked to examine how a heterogeneous and changing Latino/a population both shapes and is shaped by life in the United States. A selection of texts from various disciplines (including history, the social sciences, music, literature, and the arts) inform our class discussions. Over the course of the semester, we also engage with scholarly conversations about constructions of "Latinidad" as they relate to questions of identity, class, race/ethnicity, religion, gender, im(migration), language, and popular culture. Students learn to recognize and appreciate the complexities of Latino/a experiences in the United States and will become familiar with a critical vocabulary that facilitates complex discussions about broader issues of American culture and identity. Prerequisite: Freshmen members of the Annika Rodriguez Scholars Program. Students will be waitlisted and then manually added to course.
Course Attributes: EN S; BU Hum; BU BA; AS SSC; AS SD I; FA SSC; AR SSC; AS SC

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Latino/a Experiences in the United States
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