Lynne Cooper Harvey Undergraduate Scholars

The Harvey Scholars program draws together AMCS majors defined by their commitment to rigorous academic research, community engagement, and mentorship. As a senior year experience that runs parallel to capstone project development, the program cohort participate in weekly seminars that explore interdisciplinary study, their individual academic careers and research priorities, and that carefully considers how the university and academic scholarship participates in and shapes broader national culture. Scholars also collaborate in the year-long production of the AMCS Reader, a multi-disciplinary guidebook written for new majors and minors.

During the spring semester, Scholars choose one of two tracks that extends their project research for new audiences. The Peer Mentorship track affords opportunities for Scholars to work directly with majors in their sophomore and junior years to reinforce core pedagogical values of the program’s study of culture. The Public Engagement track challenges students to communicate their research experience to communities outside the university that diversifies public audiences and that brings critical attention to urgent and crucial issues of justice, equity, and community building.

Peer Mentorship opportunities include TAships in 200- and 300-level AMCS home-based courses, TAships in 375B (the Capstone Incubator), digital projects production advisors, hosting/leading student reading groups, hosting faculty, graduate, and undergraduate discussion experiences (including film viewings, conversations about activism and cultural engagement outside the university, insight on graduate school, professional development, and other topics), and serving as writing coaches to undergraduate majors. Scholars can also propose other mentorship experiences.

Public Engagement opportunities include development of digital translations of capstone projects (including short films, podcasts, and websites), creating public art, internships in museums and archives, co-leading St. Louis area tours for the program/university community, hosting public discussions that bring students and faculty into conversation with broader city communities centered on addressing issues that impact the St. Louis region. Scholars can also propose other engagement opportunities.

Whichever track and mode chosen, Scholars will receive financial and administrative support along with faculty mentorship. Scholars will also have access to research funds supporting their capstone project to defray expenses related to, for example, travel, archival fees, and books, and they will also be eligible for tuition remission for the summer travel course, On Location.

Applications for the Scholars program are collected April of a major’s junior year and must include: one faculty recommendation (250 words), a completed and accepted capstone proposal, and a letter of interest describing their path through the major (a selection of defining course experiences, reflections on papers and final projects) and that highlights the track and mode for their senior year spring commitment. A call for applications with due date will be sent to all majors in the early spring of their junior year.




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