Lynne Cooper Harvey Undergraduate Scholars

The Harvey Scholars are undergraduates chosen to act as leaders in the AMCS community through their involvement in program activities, scholarship, and creative endeavors (from digital or artistic productions, community outreach, to honors thesis research). In all cases Scholars represent the spirit of the AMCS Major, modelling interdisciplinary work, innovative inquiry, and collaborative enterprise. Scholars are expected not only to carry out their proposed projects, but to be highly visible participants in undergraduate community events and activities.

Eligible candidates are AMCS Majors in the Spring of their Sophomore year with a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher and in good standing with the program. The application process occurs annually, with students submitting a statement of interest Spring of Sophomore year that indicates the track they want to pursue and sketches out a potential project (see below for more details). With permission students begin the program Fall of Junior year by enrolling in the two-credit AMCS Harvey Scholar Seminar (L98 450A) led by the AMCS Director. Students are Scholars for the remainder of their time in the Major presuming continued good standing and approval of their Harvey Scholar Project Proposal submitted Spring of Junior year. Funding is available for Scholar projects.

The strongest candidates for the program have well-articulated intellectual interests and goals, maturity and self-awareness, and demonstrated commitment to the Major and to collaborative work. In addition to special opportunities to interact with faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and others in the AMCS community, Scholars participate tuition-free in AMCS’s signature “On Location” travel-based seminar offered every summer.

Tracks & Timeline

Harvey Scholar Tracks

  • Latin Honors Thesis Track
  • Digital and Media Projects Track
  • Creative Arts Track
  • Community Engagement Track
  • Teaching Track: L98 256: Interdisciplinary Workshop in AMCS


Sophomore Year - Spring Semester

  • Eligible students submit a statement of interest and, with permission of the program, enroll in L98 450A: AMCS Harvey Scholar Seminar for the Fall. Sophomores will be prompted to submit their statement by the AMCS Director in March.

Junior Year – Fall Semester

  • Students participate in the Harvey Scholar Seminar and begin exploring their project ideas. This is also a time to brainstorm potential project mentors and resources.

Junior Year – Spring Semester

  • In the Harvey Scholar Seminar students finalize their project ideas and submit a Harvey Scholar Project Proposal in April, outlining their plans for the summer (if applicable) and Senior Year.

Summer after Junior Year

  • Project research/activities, check-in points with mentor

Senior Year – Fall and Spring

  • Students continue enrollment in the Harvey Scholar Seminar and complete their projects by the end of Spring semester.
  • Students share their projects with the community through the AMCS Research Colloquium, on the website, or through another public venue.


For additional information, contact Karen Skinner.

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