Minor Requirements

Total units: 15 credits, at least 9 of which must be 300-level or above


  • "Introductory Course" (3 credits), as designated by American Culture Studies, which recently have included AMCS 220 Topics in American Culture Studies: Introduction to American Culture Studies, AMCS 206 "Reading" Culture: The Cultural Lives of Things, and AMCS 202 The Immigrant Experience. See our Course Listings webpage for the full listing by semester.
  • Distribution coursework: at least 3 courses on American subjects (2 of which must be upper-level) either in a single established Concentration Area or in 3 distinct disciplines/fields outside the student's major. See our list of¬†Concentration Areas here.¬†
  • One additional AMCS course (3 credits).
  • At least two multidisciplinary (MD) courses, taken as part of the above minor courses and designated by AMCS. Minors who opt to do a concentration are encouraged to take at least one MD course that connects to the subjects or issues in the chosen concentration area. AMCS 375A: "American Culture: Methods and Visions" (a junior-level methods seminar) also is encouraged and may count as an MD course. See our Course Listings webpage for a complete list of general and MD courses that count toward the AMCS minor.
  • Only one of the courses taken to complete the Minor requirements may be home-based in the same discipline as the student's Major(s).

Contact Dr. Karen Skinner  with questions about AMCS courses.