AMCS Welcomes Asian American Studies Minor

The American Culture Studies program is excited to announce that it will become the home of the Asian American Studies minor beginning in Fall 2022. Thanks to the leadership of Linling Gao-Miles, Senior Lecturer in Global Studies (who will continue to teach and advise in the program), the Asian American Studies minor has grown to offer a robust lineup of courses and events for students interested in examining Asian American culture, politics, and social movements.

“We are very excited about opening a new chapter for Asian American studies at WashU,” Gao-Miles said. “There is no better place than AMCS to offer a rigorous intellectual home for the minor; the minor’s scholarly and community pursuits will be strongly guided, nurtured, and strengthened under AMCS.  I am grateful to the current AMCS leadership and community for their strong support and commitment!”

"We in American Culture Studies are thrilled to be the new home of the Asian American Studies minor” added Paige McGinley, Associate Professor of Performing Arts and incoming Director of AMCS. "Supporting Asian American Studies course offerings and student and faculty research aligns with our commitment to advancing understanding of the broad diversity of American experiences. We look forward to collaboration with our student and faculty colleagues in this dynamic and critically important field of study." 

AMCS welcomes all students interested in learning more about the Asian American Studies minor to our Major/Minor Welcome event, which will be held either in person or on Zoom in early March (exact date TBA).