Summer Course Spotlight - Hacker Histories

Summer Course Spotlight:

Hacker Histories with Dave Walsh

Hacker Histories offers insight to a fascinating story about how we perceive the complex digital ecosystem we operate in every day. Understanding how things work at the micro level of devices or the macro level of networks is not generally a strength of a consumer society. Those equipped with specialty skills exploit these gaps to gain asymmetric leverage over broader populations, for good and ill. Culture has struggled for decades to define such specialists as criminals, or as activists, or just bored kids playing games. We’ll study these depictions alongside assessments of necessary skills in real-world context, and we’ll trace the long American tradition of the rogue specialist in culture in the forms of the hacker, grifter, and thief.  

L98 AMCS 301T - Topics in AMCS: Hacker Histories

6/10 - 7/12, Days: MTWRF-- 11:00A-12:45P