Marc Blanc

Graduate Student, Literature
Marc Blanc

My work focuses on nineteenth and early twentieth-century American literature and print culture. I am particularly interested in cross-racial exchanges between Black and white publishers and editors as they attempted to connect new, desegregated reading publics. By tracing publishers’ circulation practices, the demographics of printers’ unions, and the work of editors, I aim to describe imagined literary communities that formed despite the challenges of Reconstruction and Jim Crow, the Gilded Age, and the Great Depression. 

Current projects include a major fields paper on the history of small Black publishers and the radical press in the Midwest and an ongoing assistantship with the Center for Black Digital Research at Penn State, where I am engaged in digital archives research for the Colored Conventions Project. In addition to pursuing a Ph.D. in English and American Literature, I am earning a graduate certificate through the American Culture Studies program.

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