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American Culture Studies

AMCS Harvey Scholar Seminar

American Culture Studies 450B - Spring 2020

In this 2-credit course AMCS Undergraduate Harvey Scholars examine critical issues in American Studies while receiving support and structure for their Harvey projects. Students discuss seminal texts and explore creative, literary and artistic productions and representations of American diversities and social contrasts. Class activities integrate academic journals, media, visual artifacts, and other texts that support students' specific projects while deepening their competencies in the field of American cultural studies. Participation includes attending the monthly AMCS Americanist Forum which brings together faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and undergraduates. AMCS Program Director leads the seminar with support and involvement from faculty and staff. This course is part of the AMCS Harvey Scholar Fall-Spring seminar sequence designed to support the intellectual and community life of AMCS undergraduates. Permission of Program required for participation. Students place themselves on the waitlist and will be manually enrolled.
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AMCS Harvey Scholar Seminar
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