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Studying abroad as an American Culture Studies student can enhance a cross-disciplinary study of America in providing meaningful opportunities inside and outside of classrooms.   Some of our approved study abroad programs involve students taking an American Culture Studies curriculum at a university in another part of the world.  Other approved programs focus on places in the world where there are especially thick past and/or present historical relationships with the United States.

In all cases, students have uniques capacities through study abroad programs to learn about different perspectives about the meanings of "America" and the powerful global historical, political, and cultural influences of the United States across a global society.  

Approved Programs:

Minors may not count study abroad courses towards the AMCS Program, only Majors may do so

Majors interested in studying abroad submit a short proposal (1–2 pages) to the AMCS Academic Coordinator as well as the usual application and Study Plan required of the WU Overseas Programs. In the proposal, they should:

  • identify at least four (4) courses that suit their AMCS degree requirements and interests (provide title, course number, description, and link if possible)
  • outline how these intended courses will contribute meaningfully to their course of study (for example, how they would complement remaining AMCS courses and/or informing their Capstone project)

This may mean looking not only at topics covered but a given course's methodology and relative interest in culture, capacity to complement or deepen a student's knowledge of a given field of study, etc.  If necessary, students should request syllabi for courses they are considering whose course descriptions are overly general.

AMCS Study Abroad Proposals must be submitted to the AMCS Academic Coordinator by no later than January 15 for Fall Semester and Full Academic Year abroad opportunities and no later than April 15 for Spring Semester abroad programs.  Students interested in non-AMCS approved programs and alternative programs for any semester must submit applications two weeks earlier than these standard deadlines. *Students are encouraged to meet with the AMCS Academic Coordinator early on to discuss and outline their goals and interests for their time abroad.

Alternative and Non-approved Programs:

Alternative programs are programs not sponsored by any Washington University department or program. Student participation in alternative programs is not common. Participation requires significant advance planning and consultation with the Study Abroad Office and AMCS.  Non-AMCS approved programs are programs not sponsored by AMCS but are sponsored by another Washington University department or program. Participation in these programs is more common than in alternative programs but still requires additional planning, as special approval is required. Please see the Study Abroad Office first if interested in a non-AMCS approved or alternative program.

Japanese-American Influences on the St. Louis Landscape, 2023. Courtesy of Washington University in St. Louis.

Americanist Dinner Forum: Moonscape of the Mind

This Americanist Dinner Forum on Thursday April 13th celebrates the “Moonscape of the Mind” project, a multifaceted research initiative that explores the legacies of the Japanese Incarceration of WWII by closely considering a specific work by a Japanese American designer, architect, or artist.

Literacies for Life and Career teaching innovation grant awarded to AMCS Lecturer Dave Walsh

Approved AMCS Study Abroad Programs

A list of approved programs for AMCS Study Abroad can be found by visiting the Overseas Programs office

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WU in DC Program

Established in 1947, the Washington Semester Program pairs academic and experiential learning with an internship at one of D.C.’s many influential institutions. You will gain practical and professional experience that will elevate you in a competitive job market. Focus on your long-term professional development and reflect on your experiences in the accompanying academic course. 

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I would never have been able to intern in a federal office as an undergraduate if not for this semester program. Moreover, whereas I would have learned about and gained experience with something tied only loosely to my interests and professional pursuits if I studied internationally, at the DOJ/DRS I learned about the population and area of the law about which I am most passionate.

―Hannah WallachWashington DC Semester Program