From Vision to Praxis: The Capstone Project Incubator


This course is intended for AMCS juniors following completion of 375A, Methods & Visions. After sustained attention on methodological practices in 375A, students will shift focus in 375B toward the fundamentals of developing a senior year project. Emphasis will be on process and skill enhancement, with areas of concentration including drafting project ideas; identifying animating research questions; enhancing scope and focus; exploring mediums of expression; creating a developmental bibliography; and planning for summer research. Learning modes will include lecture, reading and discussion, and peer workgroups. Assignments will include developing formal and informal writing, draft-and-rewrite, and scholarly reading. The final product will be two-fold: a polished prospectus outlining project focus, research area, initial scholarship summary, and rationale for medium; and a summer planning document outlining reading and writing goals in preparation of the capstone workshop senior year.
Course Attributes: BU Hum; AS HUM; FA HUM; AR HUM; EN H

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From Vision to Praxis: The Capstone Project Incubator
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