Core Seminar

This course offers an introduction to the interdisciplinary study of American culture, for graduate students in various departments of the College of Arts and Sciences and other schools. It surveys the history, theories, and methods of the academic field first known around 1950 as American Studies and more recently called American Culture Studies at Washington University and elsewhere. Overall, the course aims to explore the means of relating or integrating the historical, literary, art-historical, popular-culture, and social-scientific study of American life, and to explore the problems inherent in this project. The course takes the form of an intensive seminar, requiring commitment to weekly readings, informed discussion, and critical writing.

AMCS 645 is offered every two years and is organized by a particular theme, varying by instructor, within which the general purposes are pursued. In Fall 2011, AMCS 645 focused on the theme "Conceptualizing U.S. Empire, 1776 to Present."

Jennifer Gallinat

Administrative Coordinator, AMCS