"American Identities" Podcast Series

A series featuring AMCS faculty that explores the "deep subjectivities" of American culture.

Hold That ThoughtArts & Sciences' weekly podcast, recently posted all episodes of the series, American Identities. The first episode, Stripes and Scars, features AMCS Director and Professor of History, Iver Bernstein. Subsequent episodes showcase the work of Patrick Burke, Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology ("Rock and Revolution"), Todd Decker, Associate Professor of Musicology ("Who Should Sing "Ol' Man River"?"), Sowande' Mustakeem, Assistant Professor of History and African and African-American Studies ("Confronting the Middle Passage"), William J. Maxwell, Associate Professor of English ("FB Eyes"), Angela Miller, Professor of Art History and Archaeology ("Art and Nationhood"), Leigh E. Schmidt, the Edward C. Mallinckrodt Distinguished University Professor in the Humanities in the Center for Religon and Politics ("Restless Souls"), Clarissa Rile Hayward, Associate Professor of Political Science ("How Americans Make Race"), and Adrienne Davis, William M. Van Cleve Professor of Law and Vice Provost of the University ("Irregular Intimacies").

Each episode of the American Identities series is available to stream or to download from the series' homepage

The American Identities series and the first episode are profiled in Washington Univeristy's Record, and are also featured in an interview with Professor Bernstein about American culture, identity, and race for Joe Madison's show, The Black Eagle, on SiriusXM. 

We will continue to highlight Americanist faculty and their work in coming months, so please check back for updates!

Letter from the Director

American Culture Studies at Washington University is a multi-faceted endowed program that fosters rigorous cross-disciplinary exchange among students of American culture and supports transformative research and collaboration across the humanities and social sciences.   
Engaging faculty and students from Arts & Sciences, the School of Law, the Brown School of Social Work and the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, American Culture Studies embodies the very core of Washington University's mission, as such exchange, dedicated to answering the great questions of American culture and identity, is integral to a great American research and teaching university.


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