Americanist Dinner Forum: "Materiality"

West Campus, Conference Room A/B, 6:30pm-8:00pm



As “materiality” has become a key topic in the humanities and social sciences, this panel attends to the meaning and force of material forms—objects, artifacts, archives, structures—in historical processes and cultural dynamics and dynamics of power and inequality.  It examines and provokes discussion of how scholars are grappling with new and exciting questions about material culture, environments, media, bodies, and politics and the materialities (and absences and erasures) that structure archives, landscapes, and worlds.

The Americanist Dinner Fora are the flagship intellectual event for the AMCS community. Each month features a new set of speakers exploring a topic relevant to American Studies through the medium of a selected reading. The reading will be circulated the week prior. AMCS graduate students are expected to attend each of the fora, and AMCS Faculty are strongly encouraged to attend.

RSVPs are due to by Friday, January 18th.

Terri Behr

Events & Accounting Assistant