"Embodying Intimacy: New Work on Voice and Performance" Panel Discussion

DUC 276, 2:30pm-4:30pm



When are our voices our own? What is at stake in believing we possess our voices — even when we occasionally feel possessed by them? What are the politics and pleasures of vocal imitation? How does vocal performance foster, challenge and disrupt intimate bonds among fellow singers, listeners and bystanders? “Embodying Intimacy: New Work on Voice and Performance” aims to explore these questions — questions that circle around harmonious, disruptive, entertaining, worshipful voices chanting, singing, speaking and breathing.  

This panel discussion will consist of three scholars: Ashon Crawley (University of Virginia, author of Black Pentecostal Breath), Karen Tongson (University of Southern California, author of Relocations: Queer Suburban Imaginaries and the forthcoming Empty Orchestra: Karaoke. Critical. Apparatus) and Roshanak Kheshti (University of California, San Diego, author of Modernity’s Ear). This event is hosted by Paige McGinley, (Associate Professor, Performing Arts Washington University in St. Louis) and Amber Musser (Associate Professor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Washington University in St. Louis).

The Washington University community and public are invited. The Panel Discussion will be followed by a reception.

This event is part of a two-day interdisciplinary symposium of the work undertaken by faculty and postdoctoral fellows in the Voice and Sexuality Studies working group during the last 18 months. By bringing together scholars in music, performance studies, religious studies, gender and sexuality studies, literary studies and ethnic studies, we will explore vocal performance as a means and mode of intimacy.

"Talking About Voice and Performance"

Sponsored by the Race and Popular Music Faculty Initiative in American Culture Studies, with the following cosponsors: Center for the Humanities; Music; Performing Arts; African and African-American Studies; the Law, Identity and Culture Initiative; Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies; and Religious Studies.

Terri Behr

Events & Accounting Assistant