AMCS Spring Research Colloquium

Please join us for our annual AMCS Research Colloquium! We are excited to present AMCS Majors who will share their culminating research with the community. AMCS Majors complete their capstone projects under the direction of a project advisor or in the context of an approved, upper-level seminar. .

In addition to presentations we will announce the winner of the AMCS Lynne Cooper Harvey Undergraduate Writing Prize, which recognizes outstanding work on a topic in American culture studies.


9:00     Noah Cohan - Introductions  

9:10     Jack Adler - Restorative Justice: Internal Strengths & External Weaknesses (Class: Race, Ethnicity, and Culture: Critical Qualitative Understandings of Urban Education)

9:30     Maya Gonzales - The Story of the Little Brown Woman: An exploration into Evangelical Christian Engagement with Latin American Immigrants in the Central Valley of California in the Post-War Era

9:50     Leah Witheiler - Topics in American Drama: Theatre and Politics, A Deep Dive into Heidi Schreck's What the Constitution Means to Me

10:10   Emma Rich - "Children of Light": Rabbinic Interventions in Black-Jewish Relations, 1934-1945

10:30   BREAK         

10:40   Josh Miller - Children of Immigrants: Identity and Acculturation

11:00   Carly Hacker - "Hitler's Worst Nightmare": Music as Cross-Cultural Collaboration Between the Jewish and African American Communities

11:20   Cameron Ippolito - Tightening Up the Graphics: The Exploitive Nature of the Video Game Industry

11:40   Ellie Lieberman - What Alabama Has Left to Bear: Examining the Racist Undertones of the State’s Premier Football Dynasty and Its Legacy Beyond the Game

12:00   Shaelee Comettant - Corporeal Memory: Ana Mendieta, the Latina Experience, and the Body

12:20   LUNCH         

12:50   Sam Goldman - New York in the Time of AIDS: The Bathhouse Controversy

1:10     Sofia Aguilarn - The Binational Condition: The Mexico-US Relationship in Mexican History and Culture

1:30     Maggie He - Time’s Up: Halloween as Elevated Horror to Aid Franchising

1:50     Elena Lopez - Getting Fucked: The Legal Discrimination Against Pornography Performers

2:10     Kate Cavanaugh - Medicine, News, and Homophobia: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Dawn of the HIV/AIDS Crisis in the United States from 1981-1985

2:30     BREAK         

2:50     Jesse Wachtel - Hina – The Immigration Story (Immigration, Identity, and the Internet)

3:10     Ellie Kenney - The Fever Dream of Capitalism: The Grotesque Excess of Fashion, Consumption, and Social Media

3:30     Isabela Gallegos - Working Toward Change: Military Sexual Trauma and Veterans' Mental Health

3:50     Gabi Senno -  Art from the Confines of ‘Camp’: Chiura Obata, Japanese Incarceration, and the Memory of Resistance