Work, After the Future

Recording of Americanist Dinner Forum held on February 2, 2022 with Heather Berg, Kalindi Vora, and Sarah Brouillette.

Video of Americanist Dinner Forum: Work, After the Future

The “public-private” divide is “gasping for air,” writes Paolo Virno. What does this mean for work’s present, and its future? This Americanist Dinner Forum looks at the blurred boundaries between life and work from the perspectives of feminist science and technology, literary, and sex work studies. Kalindi Vora investigates how technologies are designed to pry open our intimate non-work spaces, leisure time, and subjectivities in the interest of capitalist profit. Sarah Brouillette looks to the gig working “sensitivity reader” as a view into the feminization of work in the publishing industry. And Heather Berg turns to porn workers’ struggles against both the alienation of straight jobs and the constant laboring gigged sex work entails. Together, they ask, what demands we might make of the future of work? And, what tools we might have at our disposal in getting there?